TI, OSIWA Launch Social Entrepreneurs Initiative for West Africa

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TI, OSIWA Launch Social Entrepreneurs Initiative for West Africa

Transparency International (TI) in collaboration with the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) is launching a Social Entrepreneurs Initiative (SEI) for West Africa. The initiative aims to support innovative ideas from young people to boost transparency, accountability and the fight against corruption in their communities.Global Corruption Report and SEI

The SEI invites young people from West Africa to take part in the Regional Competition on ‘Promoting Integrity in the Education Sector. Participants should submit proposals for projects that offer an innovative approach to promoting integrity in the education sector. Specifically, the competition invites proposals that address some of the challenges highlighted in TI’s 2013 Global Corruption Report: Education.

TI believes that by involving youth as an active voice in anti-corruption it will improve the understanding of corruption issues which young people are facing in West Africa. It also believes that in order to build greater demand for accountability based on ethics and integrity it is important to increase awareness and engagement of such issues amongst youth.

TI places a strong emphasis on “promoting youth integrity, as the fight against corruption begins with instilling strong values and honesty in young people. As today’s citizens and tomorrow’s leaders, young people have the potential to make a difference by creating a world free of corruption.”

Interested Participants should be between the ages of 18 and 35, should be based in West Africa and from one of the following countries to be eligible: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

The proposed projects must have direct impact in at least one of the listed countries. Projects should reflect the themes of the Global Corruption Report: Education, and support activities that empower young people to develop change-maker skills such as entrepreneurship, teamwork, and leadership. Applications must be in English, French or Portuguese.

A total of three awards will be given with each worth $3000 cash prize. The winners will be sponsored to participate in the International Anti-Corruption Conference to be held in Tunisia in October 2014. The individuals behind the winning projects will join the SEI network, with each of the projects featured on the IACC SEI page. Application deadline is March 10, 2014.

Entries will be evaluated and nominated based on: Relevance of the project theme or focus (integrity/anticorruption in the education sector); Entrepreneurial vision; Feasibility; Innovation; Impact; and Sustainability.

To apply, participants will need to tell their story of change in about 500 words (or less). Participants should give an insight into who they are, and why they are motivated to fight corruption. Their application can share a personal experience or something that has changed or influenced their perspective. Download the Story of Change template here. Participants are then invited to write a short and compelling description of their project, what it is and how it will work. Participants should outline the foreseen impact of their project in the Impact Map. Each step has a specific aim: what is it the project wants to change, how this will be achieved, and how the impact or expected outputs of the project will be measured. The Impact Map will serve as a tool to help monitor and evaluate the project implementation. Download the Impact Map here.

Participants need to show how they plan to spend the grant, and how much the project will cost in total. This should be done by filling the Budget Template, listing the envisaged costs. In the grant column, participants should indicate how much this specific grant would contribute towards the cost. In the Own Fund section, participants have the opportunity to indicate if they already have funds to contribute to the core cost. Template fields under the expenditure type that are not applicable should be left blank. The Total Per Expenditure Type column should specify the entire cost of the item. The Overall Project Total field should specify the total cost of the project. Download the Budget Template. Click here for a screenshot of the EXCEL file.

The Steps outlined above are a checklist of everything that is needed to apply and compete in the competition. Without each of these documents successfully submitted, applications will not be valid. For any questions related to the documents, please email iacc@transparency.org.

Completed documents should be sent in one email package to the following address; sei-wa@transparency.org, indicating “SEI-WA Competition” in the subject title.


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